2018 San Diego Retreat - See What People Have Said!


Tammy CarlisleGreat job on choosing San Diego for this year’s retreat! Clarence and I absolutely love the city. We loved seeing the skyline from Sunday’s event at Coasterra, and the view was breathtaking and the venue was awesome at the Ultimate Skybox on Monday. Fantastic job on picking the venue locations! The session that we got the most takeaway from was the session on Tuesday, ‘Seizing Opportunities With Millennials, Hospitality & Tourism.’ As we are working more closely with the tourism part of our business, I learned so much that I'm able to bring back to my staff and implement right away. We can’t wait for next year’s retreat. You can definitely count us in! Tammy Carlisle of Action Worldwide Chauffeured Services in Atlanta, Ga.


Mary JohnsonIn terms of the education, I can honestly say this is the first time in years that I have attended all of the seminars, as they were extremely helpful. The LMC Group always sends its sharp, articulate speakers, and Jessica is bright. I found Jeffry Montague’s insight into doing business with Millennials very smart. I think the fact that he mentioned we should hire them to keep that part of our business fresh was very intelligent. The sexual harassment seminar presented a subject that should be readdressed at the CD Show in the fall: It’s too important to only offer this session to the people at the retreat.

This year's retreat was awesome! These retreats give me, as an affiliate manager, a much smaller audience to play to. I feel I get better one-on-one time with operators large and small, which I truly enjoyed. The Pendry Hotel was very attentive with us and I felt like they really appreciated our business. Can't wait to see what we do in Austin next year! Mary Johnson of Alliance Limousine in Ardsley, N.Y.

Ira Goldstein Love San Diego! The CD Executive Retreat has a great mix of work and pleasure. It provides the perfect opportunity to network and conduct business in fun venues and locations. It also draws a very friendly crowd. Ira Goldstein of The Black Car Fund in New York, N.Y.


Edison KahakauwilaCD’s San Diego retreat was a grand-slam home run, from the unexpected pre-show pool party to the great networking sessions and educational content. The depth of the speakers and their collective information gave life to what we all do in this industry. I am definitely looking forward to see my new colleagues and friends in Austin 2019! Edison Kahakauwila of L.A. Limousines & Transportation Services in Victoria, British Columbia

We really wouldn’t be able to say enough good things about the CD Executive Retreat, from the educational sessions, the networking, and The Executive Game. Definitely a grand slam home run! Ron Stein of Exclusive Sedan Service in North Hollywood, Calif.


My wife and I have been to every executive retreat. I like the quality of the networking at these smaller events much better than at the big trade shows. I also like the fact that the retreat moves to different destinations every year. Brion Svenson of Four Star Limousine in Salisbury, Mass.

CD brought in great speakers for an interesting financial class—they’re making me learn while still keeping it fun! The retreat is one of my favorite events each year. We can't wait to welcome y'all to Texas next year. Gary LeCamu of Diamond Limousine Service in Hempstead, Texas


Dawson Rutter is a wealth of knowledge, and the session taught me that it’s okay to fire unprofitable accounts if they won't renegotiate a profitable contract or rate. John Rafftery of Executive Limousine & Coach in Ventura, Calif.

The sexual harassment session was great, and I wish every operator would have attended because it not only covered the topic of sexual harassment but also other great topics that went beyond this uncomfortable conversation. As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, I feel that it’s a conversation we need to have in the workplace and with our colleagues. It will help keeping everyone in check, whether they’re an owner, employee, dispatcher, or affiliate. Nancy Vargas of DH2 Chauffeured Transportation in College Point, N.Y.


I liked the balance of educational classes to activities—a lot of affiliates love to network! Christina Nguyen of Concierge Limousine in Huntington Beach, Calif.


Arthur MessinaMy mantra in business is: relationships, trust, and business. Nothing exemplifies the CD retreats more than that. With the smaller number of attendees there compared to a national trade show, you can work on building relationships and then start to earn the trust from the people attending, leading to opportunities for business. It is a win-win situation for both the attendees and the sponsors. Sign me up for Austin! Gold Sponsor Arthur Messina of Create-A-Card in St. James, N.Y.


Jeff BrodslyGoing back to my college town of San Diego for business was such an amazing experience—but the experience would not exist without the precise and detail-oriented planning of CD to make this retreat one for the history books. Every single turn was perfect, every venue, education topic, pool party, and the crowd that this event was beyond top notch. Being able to learn, network, hang with clients, and pick up substantial new business = major success. Can’t wait for next year! Gold Sponsor Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments in Moorpark, Calif.

Ryan Hilberth As a satisfied sponsor since the very first retreat, we couldn’t be happier with how the Chauffeur Driven Executive Retreat delivers year after year. Gold Sponsor Ryan Hilberth of Book.limo in St. Petersburg, Fla.


The retreat has a nice relaxed atmosphere, making it easy to introduce yourself. We did a lot of listening: Most of the group was forthright with their information. We learned a lot about the industry, like how many operators need manufacturers’ help sorting through the process of purchasing motorcoaches. Understanding their needs will make it easier for us to do business with individual companies. Gold Sponsor Mitchell Guralnick of MCI in Des Plaines, Ill.

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