2017 Orlando Show - See What People Have Said!

“I come back because each year I meet great new people, make new business connections, and still get a lot of information. You really learn a lot every time you come. Every show is different, and I never want to miss out. If you’re serious about growing your business, you have to be at the Chauffeur Driven Show.” Christell Ayres of A List Limousine & Bus in Chicago, Ill.


Hilary Louarti“The Chauffeur Driven Show has amazing education, so my husband and I come back every year and there are always new people to learn from, and amazing seminars. I would tell people that they should 100% come to a Chauffeur Driven Show, but 101% to go to the Executive Retreat, especially if you’re an owner/operator. You can’t beat it. I can’t say enough about the education… from learning big things to learning little things, like utilizing software, there’s so much networking to be had, it’s amazing.” Hilary Louarti of Diamond Transportation in Tucson, Ariz.

Tyrone Gale “Whether you’re new to the business, or even a veteran, the Chauffeur Driven show gives you so much education, so much knowledge, and they’re always the leader in everything coming out. They’ll always tell you what’s ahead. It gets better every year. I take the education I get here and apply it immediately to make us better.” Tyrone Gale of Atlantic Transportation in Rehoboth Beach, Va.


Mary Johnson “Every year it’s fresh and new—different places and different people—every year CD knocks it out of the park. You can’t miss it. The keynote was amazing, but I have to say the charity event always has my heart. It’s my favorite because everyone comes together and opens their hearts and their wallets. It’s just beautiful. Great charity, great generosity of the industry.” Mary Johnson of Alliance Limousine, New York

Tammy Carlisle “I will not miss a CD Show because I get to network with my friends, and we have a really tight family here. The Halloween party was just phenomenal. CD has the best classes, and the keynote was amazing—he was shockingly awesome. We’re fortunate to have so many speakers share their knowledge to better our businesses.” Tammy Carlisle, Action Worldwide Chauffeur Services, Atlanta


Kim J. Dolniak“I thought overall the sessions were excellent! Nice balance of topics and good presenters. Affiliate Central is always a great event and I liked having the longer time period as we needed it to fully work the room. By far this is my favorite show overall and I think your entire team works so hard to pull off a great show! Job well done! Your communication around this show was excellent! I like the app too. Great job as I know how awfully hard this is to pull off.” Kim J. Dolniak of BEST Transportation in St. Louis, Mo.

“It’s a great show with a great return on investment. Enough said.” Raj Grewal of Ground Alliance in Wayne, N.J.


“The CD show was organized excellently. It was a good prerequisite for meeting many good partners and discussing our business.” Woldemar Muehlenkamp of Global Mobility Deutschland GmbH

“The CD Show in Orlando had an amazing turnout with many new faces. The overall attendance, activities, and schedule provided the opportunity to speak to clients as well as other builders. We successfully sold units on the floor and have many follow up appointments scheduled, and Rickie Roberts was just awesome. Thank you for a great show!” Aexa Sacco of LGE Coachworks


“Always very informative, a great venue and key note speakers, forums. Great to see old friends and meet new people. The industry changes every day, let alone every year.” Scott Mezzetti of TBR Global

Tom Halsnik“The Operator Mentoring Program was excellent! I was told that it was the highlight of the show, and they were right! Small group of operators really digging into the issues and challenges.” Tom Halsnik of Black Pearl Limousine of Tampa, Fla.


Karla Garza-Dogan“There’s so much that you can take away from the show, so many best practices, and it’s great to brainstorm with peers and see what they’re doing differently in different cities. It’s a win-win for all of us.” Karla Garza-Dogan of Infinity Transportation in Chicago

Eric Taylor “Listening to others that are and have been going through what I’m experiencing with my business. Great advice from our facilitator.” Eric Taylor of Executive Transportation


Edison Kahakauwila“I wouldn't miss this event, great feel and the right balance of education show floor and networking.” Edison Kahakauwila of L.A. Limousines

“This was my first show and I had a great time. The seminars were great and so were the after-hour activities.” Allison Baumann of JED Transportation


“The presenters were very versed and thorough on the topics; the knowledge, the information, the entire education that we received was phenomenal.” Ellington Ferguson of Presidential Limousine & Shuttle Service

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