2015 Nashville Executive Retreat - What People Have Said...

“We have nothing but positive things to say. There is truly something special about a smaller retreat. Sometimes the bigger events can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s so hard to share your time with everyone. Being at a smaller retreat made it so much easier to establish genuine connections with the people who help make Park Avenue successful. At the end of the day, a lot of these people aren’t just business partners: They’ve become family and friends, and it’s nice to just have a great time together as well as help each other learn and grow. These events are all about networking, and we did that by leaps and bounds at this retreat.

As far as Nashville itself, we had a blast experiencing a new city. The Omni was a nice hotel and it was in a great location. The nightlife was fun, and it was so great that, again, mainly everyone was together on Broadway every night. The private concert with Phil was awesome! We unfortunately didn’t get to experience the Jack Daniel’s tour due to our flight, but that gives us the perfect excuse to go back.

We are certainly excited for Miami, but we are definitely looking forward to New Orleans for another great and new experience. Thanks to the Chauffeur Driven team, and know that you all did an exceptional job!" – Alan and Briana Candeub Park Avenue Limousine in Trevose, Pa.


"The Nashville Retreat was the best gathering I have attended in years. The limited number of attendees allowed for closer mingling, targeting specific subjects, and getting deeper insight into common issues and opportunities—not to mention an openness and understanding of who a person is and what their company culture and values are.

The Executive Retreat provided more than what’s described above, though. The top-rated speakers were not part of the industry, and they presented their information without fear of giving an edge to the competition by divulging their successful formulas or secrets. They did not write a book or part of a “for-hire” motivational speakers’ platform: They were individuals who practiced day-in and day-out step-by-step standards of practice.

The Retreat challenged the events of the past. The schedule was wonderfully landscaped, which was refreshing: Usually, attendees skip many of the classes or mingling events—not so in Nashville! This truly was a benchmark for future events and maybe even for the larger shows.

I can finally present my expenses to our accountant and say that it was worth every dime." – Terry Cox, Director of Global Services Worldwide Transportation in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

“The focus on key industry challenges was helpful and well-done. The presenters brought their material to a useful level and didn't engage in theoretical discussion, making the information practical and immediately useful. The financial presentation was great: Frank wanted to go deeper but wasn't able to, but he was fantastic nonetheless. Kristen’s and The Ritz-Carlton’s presentations also were amazing." – Sean Duval, CEO Golden Limousine International in Ann Arbor, Mich.


“A wonderful event. I made new contacts and renewed old friendships. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center presentation might be the best business seminar that I have ever attended.!” – Wade Randolph, Owner Riverside Limousines in Baton Rouge, La.

“There is something to be said about building relationships at a smaller, intimate industry event. Having meaningful conversations versus short commercials is so powerful for the future success of both the vendor and a client.

If you didn't attend the Chauffeur Driven Executive Retreat this year, mark your calendar for next year. This is a must-attend business event for 2016. Create-A-Card, Inc., was proud to be a part of this event, as well as Event Sponsor. Kudos to the entire CD team. You rocked it!"
– Arthur Messina, President Create-A-Card in St. James, N.Y.


“The entire show was terrific. I didn’t feel the need to be “on duty” all the time like at the big shows. The hotel was fabulous and for someone who normally doesn’t go to concerts or like country music, I was hooked. Sign me up for N’alins."
- George Jacobs, President Windy City Limousine in Chicago, Ill.

“Frank Rosenbaum’s financial presentation was one of the best sessions I have attended at any industry event in more than 10 years. From start to finish, the Executive Retreat was one of, if not the best, industry event I have attended.” - Randy Allen, Owner/VP of Sales and Marketing James Limousine Service in Richmond, Va


"The first CD Executive Retreat was top-notch. The quality of the educational sessions was outstanding and the speakers were engaging. I am looking forward to next year's event!" – Sami Elotmani, VP of Operations Destination MCO in Orlando, Fla.

“Having only been to Nashville once before, all I could think of was: Wow! When my very accommodating chauffeur (provided by Matt Yorke from Signature Transportation) pulled up to the hotel, I was met by the very professional staff at the Omni Hotel. The location was right in the heart of the action, whether it was good food, good drinks, or awesome entertainment.

The opportunity to network was well thought out, from a workshop schedule that started at a reasonable time (given the late-night activities!) to the educational programs. They exceeded my expectations, with some great presentations from Kristen Carroll and the ideas associated with hiring top talent and learning about The Ritz-Carlton model of service.

It was nonstop fun and opportunity—what an event! Great idea for moving it around, and I look forward to attending next year’s retreat (New Orleans, watch out). Consider my tickets booked! Kudos to Chris and all the Chauffeur Driven staff for making the first CD Executive Retreat the “hard-to-beat event of the year!” " – Ed Kahakauwila, President L.A. Limousines & Transportation Services in Victoria, British Columbia


“It was a great trip and we enjoyed being in Nashville. I thought that Jennifer Blackmon from The Ritz-Carlton was great! I enjoyed that the retreat was set up so the educational seminars were not so early and we were not inundated with things that we had to do! The tour of the city was nice and I thought the hotel was a great fit for this event. The Omni was beautiful and centrically located to Broadway—where all the excitement was.

I also made my way into the city of Franklin with Ron and Jackie Stein and my wife Cindy for an evening with Carl Haley. We had dinner at a restaurant called Gray’s on Main, which was another great spot in Tennessee. We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the event next year in New Orleans." – Kevin Illingworth, President Classique Worldwide Transportation in Orange, Calif.

“Politics, rivalry, and tension between limousine owners did not exist, so the atmosphere was friendly and relaxing throughout the event. The Omni Hotel was a great choice, and I appreciated that you did not have to walk a mile to attend a seminar.

The CD team was awesome, friendly, organized, and helpful. This executive retreat was a great success and I am glad to be a part of the first one. I definitely plan to attend the next one!" – Richard Mishriky, President & CEO CTI Transportation LLC in Bellaire, Texas

“I was very impressed with the organization of the entire event and enjoyed the educational seminars. The overall experience with an intimate crowd made it easy to network with other operators. Job well-done!” – Raj Nagi, President & CEO Intralink Transportation in Burnaby, British Columbia

"There were so many highlights, from the educational seminars to several networking opportunities—and maybe best of all was the private concert by Phil Vassar! The Jack Daniel’s tour was phenomenal: I am now a whiskey connoisseur!

All kidding aside, the many opportunities to network, meet new operators, spend time with friends, and to meet their families and spouses was priceless. Thank you to the CD team for making this possible." – Tracy Raimer, President/Owner Your Private Limousine in Chicago, Ill.

“The Ritz-Carlton presentation is where the first focus should be in any successful organization. It's all about people: Anything relational in nature will keep attendees’ attention and be memorable. Great job choosing to provide this session, CD!

Proverbs says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." It's about the people and the Executive Retreat provided the perfect forum, place, and activity combination for networking and sharing. Without this type of event bringing like-minded people together, faceless business relationship are as emotionless as a text message. Face-to-face networking and sharing personal stories, experiences, and business practices in a relaxed forum allows relationships to blossom and business to flourish.” - Joseph Camp, Affiliate Manager All Occasion Transportation in Providence, R.I.

"The inaugural Chauffeur Driven Executive retreat was an overwhelming success. In baseball terms, it was a Grand Slam/Home Run! The thought process and careful planning were evident in every aspect of this event over the three-day period. The energy created by Jennifer Blackmon from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center had the ballroom buzzing. Her passion for both the "Leadership & Employee Engagement" along with "Memorable Customer Service" seminars came home with us—in fact, we can't stop thinking about it.

The private tours of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the city of Nashville, and Jack Daniel’s Distillery were a close second to the private, intimate concert performed by Phil Vassar. We are very grateful that we get to share quality time with our friends in this industry that we love so much." – Ron Stein, Founder/CEO Exclusive Sedan Service in North Hollywood, Calif.

“We both felt that the CD Executive Retreat was a well-organized and a well-thought-out one. The meetings/seminars were very educational to all who participated. We also felt the venue was not as stuffy as some others we have attended, and the aura of the attendees seemed to be more relaxed and they enjoyed themselves.

The variety of activities was fun and allowed all to have a great time—but at the same time, offered a chance to mingle and get to know each other better on a one-on-one basis. We appreciated the time allotted to share our story and products with the attendees, and the ability to use our buses for transportation as needed.

The hospitality of the CD team was great by all who were involved—a big thank you to all!” – Phil and Shane Tom Turtle Top in New Paris, Ind.

“Great speakers presenting interesting, entertaining, and very useful information. Even Frank Rosenbaum's presentation on a hard topic to cover kept my attention, and I learned a lot from it.

The activities were fun and offered great networking opportunities. Having a limited audience, I was able to meet people I never seem to get the chance to meet at larger shows. The food was very good at all the functions. Great location and, overall, this event was a top-shelf one!

I have never been to a retreat so, for me, this sets the bar high for future retreats I plan on attending. Thanks to the Chauffeur Driven team for all their efforts and putting together a great event. See you in Miami! ” – Barbara White, Managing Director VIP Transportation Group Executive Chauffeured Transportation Services in Orlando, Fla.

“We really enjoyed the event. What a great host city! Nashville provided some must-see sights and entertainment opportunities that someone may not necessarily think about when considering a vacation. We will definitely be headed back to Nashville for the great entertainment.

The educational seminars were informative. I had heard quite a bit of the material before so there was nothing really new but I did get some takeaways. I like speakers who give examples from our industry but it seems difficult to get speakers to step outside their speaker box and tailor-make a speech just for us. The caliber of operators at the event was top-notch. They were the best of the best, and it’s always great to surround yourself with top-quality operators.

Phil Vassar’s concert was one of those “once in a lifetime” moments and a great experience. We’re looking forward to New Orleans!” – Scott and Melissa Woodruff Majestic Limousine & Coach in West Des Moines, Iowa

"I think it was a perfect balance of social activities vs. educational programming, as there didn’t seem to be too much of one or the other. Phil Vassar was incredible—a great talent and his interaction with us was awesome. I was very impressed with the whole retreat: For being an inaugural event, this was an amazing experience and seemed like CD had been doing it for years. Everything ran smoothly and was entertaining, networking was plentiful, and it was fantastic overall." – Brian Whitaker, Vice President Chicagoland Transportation Solutions in Barrington, Ill.

"I had a great time at the Chauffeur Driven Retreat. The presentation from Jennifer Blackmon from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership was not only informative but also illuminating! I found many of The Ritz-Carlton standards to be similar to the excellence and quality we strive for every day at Black Tie Transportation. It was great to see the system behind the hotel and gain insight to continue to offer the best customer experience in the business. And the honky-tonk crawl was pretty awesome, too!" – Bill Wheeler, President & CEO Black Tie Transportation in Pleasanton, Calif.

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