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“The Chauffeur Driven Show has raised the bar so much. Great workshops and seminars, micro-sessions, networking events, Affiliate Central Global Partner Forum, and the priceless one and only Mentoring Program with the industry’s seasoned operators. Thanks to the Mentoring Program, I got to meet and exchange ideas with other like-minded business owners.” - Selim Aslan of Men In Black Transportation in San Diego, Calif.


“There was so much to like about this show! There seemed to be a new mix of people, and the people who were here were incredible. So many times at these shows, you don’t see any new faces but there was so much new blood this time. It’s amazing to hook up with people who are up and coming in the industry, who are just starting out, and you know that they’re really going to succeed. So meeting those people and getting the benefit of growing with them—that was a highlight.” - Mary Johnson of Alliance Limo in Ardsley, New York

"It made a huge difference this year having Affiliate Day on the second day of the show when everybody was there, rather than on the last day when everybody's leaving. I had a table there this year—it was awesome and I met a lot of new contacts. It's very beneficial for me to meet people when they have their heads in the game and everybody's in business mode. I thought that the workshops were excellent, too. I think Chris is just awesome and you guys know what you're doing." – Victoria Durbin of Kansas City Transp. Group in Kansas City, Mo.


"I think the show was great, as it always is. People seem to be more friendly and outgoing this year. The seminars were great, they did a really great show. The auction last night was great, I know they raised a lot of money for a good cause with that. I'm just having a really good time." – Mike Fargnoli of Precious Moment Limousine in Long Island, N.Y.

"Once again, Eric and Chris just did a great job. Everybody's upbeat and smiling—even on the last day, everyone's still running around and having a great time. The vendors were wonderful, the parties—as always—were spectacular. It's another great, great show by the Chauffeur Driven team." – Bob Kitko of Limousine Associates in Cincinnati, Ohio


"I thought it was a really well-organized show. A standout moment for me was Affiliate Day. I go to these shows more for networking than education now, and it was great getting to meet and connect with other operators who are well-established in the industry." – Travis Latham of Fellowship Fleet Limousine & Bus Company of Chicago, Ill.

"I was really impressed with the show for its layout. It was very nice to have the association booths in a better area so we had some more exposure. It seemed that the participation was bigger and that more people were here." – Mandy Mazzarella from Champagne Limousine in Pen Argyl, Pa.


"The Limousine Associations of New Jersey so appreciated the opportunities provided at the 2014 Chauffeur Driven Show. We were not only able to host our general meeting on-site, which attracted more than 100 attendees—at 8 a.m.!—but also spotlight our special offer recruitment program that brought us eight new operator members. Many thanks, Chauffeur Driven!"
- Patty Nelson, LANJ Executive Director

"The content of the seminars, the events in between, and the show floor were all great. The mentoring program was really good, too. It ended up being more of a roundtable discussion where everybody kind of contributed, and I enjoyed it because I took in a lot of information not only from the mentor but also from the other folks who were there—and there were some other people I was also able to help, so it was a definite win-win. The show was awesome." – Renzo Ormsbee of Elite Worldwide Transportation Solutions in Houston, Texas


"The highlight for Pat and me was looking out at the audience at The coNext Project event Sunday night and seeing so many people who are interested in the future of this business and the changes that are coming, and just seeing the enthusiasm of people understanding that operator systems can connect now and giving them a level playing field with Uber. That set the bar really high for us."
– Jennifer Wong of DriveProfit

"I think everyone goes into the Chauffeur Driven Show with an eagerness that maybe doesn’t exist in some of the others. There’s a culture at the show that encourages true learning and a very operator-focused approach. The content in the breakout sessions is what operators want to see: You’re getting real people in the business sharing thoughts, ideas, and best practices. I walked away with some real useful tools that I’m putting back into the business. No matter how long your tenure in the industry, there’s always something new you can bring back to improve your company. For me specifically, it was the ghost-rider program with Brett Tyson and Mike Zappone, which really turned into a more holistic approach to quality. As always, Chauffeur Driven brings great networking opportunities—not just the Affiliate Day but the overall show and the way that it’s run. It fosters a great networking environment for people to really mingle and learn from one another." – David Lathbury of Black Tie Limousine in Haverhill, Mass.

“Chauffeur Driven does a great job and it’s always a ‘must’ show for us when it comes to the East Coast. You guys bring my clients there, and not only clients but new prospects, too. When it comes to the companies that matter in the industry, they’re at the Chauffeur Driven Show—at least, that’s how I feel. The traffic’s always good and I’m very pleased with the outcome. We came home with a lot of new relationships and new potential business, at the same time I get to see so many of my clients. There was one particular person I’ve been wanting to meet and he came into my booth, so I was wowed by that. When I get traffic to my booth, I’m thrilled. You guys have some great affiliate meetings: My client, EmpireCLS, had one of them and I was there for that, which was great. Overall, it’s just a well-traveled, well-respected show.” – Adam Ross of Vehicle Tracking Solutions

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"The show definitely surpassed our expectations. From the standpoint of generating new business, we were extremely successful, and were equally or more successful in strengthening relationships with our existing clients. There was a ton of attention brought to our booth, so it was packed almost all the time. I think that the way the show was spaced out between educational sessions and association meetings and the show floor and the parties, it was all very well-organized to where I didn't miss too much and was able to get a lot accomplished. It was networking, business, and socializing at its finest, and going out with a bang at The Taj Mahal."
– Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments in Moorpark, Calif.


"Ford and Lincoln were very pleased to be the Title Sponsor for the 2014 Chauffeur Driven Show. This show was a tremendous benefit to the industry—and let's not forget, also to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The educational seminars were super and the show floor was a great opportunity for Ford and Lincoln to showcase our products. Our hat is off to the whole CD team." – Craig Hall of The Lincoln Motor Co.

"We were exceptionally busy on the floor's opening day, and the second day was when the people we talked to on the first day wanted to come back and confirm sales. We sold at least three vehicles but it might be as high as five. Every opportunity we have to introduce our product to new people is a standout moment for us. It's not about the glitz and the flash, it's about how we focus on the customer. When they get to see what we do and the way we do things, that's our opportunity to shine. The show had a great diversity of client opportunity and manufacturers to talk with, very much more so on the client side. The fact that we had as many clients as we did and some dealers here who are actually buying some of the buses on the floor made it a great show for us." – Howard Kelly of Meridian Specialty Vehicles in Las Vegas, Nev.

"It was one of the best shows—if not the best show—we’ve ever participated in. There was tremendous activity at our booth, and we’re so happy and extremely proud that The coNext Project, of which we’re one of the four originating members, announced its founding at the Chauffeur Driven Show. From a vendor point of view, we were so busy: We had the best attendance at our cloud open-user group meeting than we’ve ever had in the history of the shows. It was standing-room only. I love it when you get to that level. We had a fun time, it was a good presentation, and everybody performed well.”
– Eddie McCoy of FASTTRAK Cloud Livery in Palm Beach, Fla.

"Chauffeur Driven does a great job and it's always a 'must' show for us when it comes to the East Coast. You guys bring my clients there, and not only clients but new prospects, too. When it comes to the companies that matter in the industry, they're at the Chauffeur Driven Show—at least, that's how I feel. The traffic's always good and I'm very pleased with the outcome. We came home with a lot of new relationships and new potential business, at the same time I get to see so many of my clients. There was one particular person I've been wanting to meet and he came into my booth, so I was wowed by that. When I get traffic to my booth, I'm thrilled. You guys have some great affiliate meetings: My client, EmpireCLS, had one of them and I was there for that, which was great. Overall, it's just a well-traveled, well-respected show." – Adam Ross of Vehicle Tracking Solutions


"It was fantastic. We were absolutely blown away by the show this year. We had an amazing run on the show floor. We made so many new connections, new leads, met so many new people who are new to the brand. We also had so many customers who came back to the booth to say how happy they are with their cars, to look at our cars again, and are maybe thinking about new business. We honestly got everything out of the show that we wanted and couldn't wish for more. It's the perfect platform to showcase our product line and BMW as a brand and to speak to all the people we want to in the industry. It was just incredible." – Marco Schneider of BMW of North America

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"So glad I came to this show! Best show I've been to so far! Great work gang." – James Weymann of SilverFox Chauffeured Transportation in Charlotte, N.C.

"Great show. Glad to be a part of it and excited to attend it next year in Miami." – Harry Dhillon of Ecko Transportation Worldwide in San Jose, Calif.


"Thanks to Chauffeur Driven for doing such an amazing job and to everyone who joined us and our dealer network at our Night of the Living Dead party! We had a blast!" – Battisti Customs of Elkhart, Ind.

"Awesome job everyone on the event committee who worked tirelessly to raise funds for the kids of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation!" – Kevin Mullane of Silver Oak Transportation in Hilton Head Island, S.C.


"We had a great time at the Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference in Atlantic City! We had the opportunity to reconnect with our partners around the world and make new connections." – RideCentric

"You all rocked it, had an awesome time, met some new really cool people and even learned a thing or two! Thank you!" – Tracy Hodge-Raimer of Your Private Limousine in Buffalo Grove, Ill.


"The charity event was also a big success. You guys raised a lot of money for a good cause. GREAT JOB!" – Jay Glick of First Class Limousine in South Englishtown, N.J.

“I just wanted to say great job! Everyone I spoke with said how much fun this show was and it was very personal so we could meet more people a lot easier. As an owner I always like to hear great things about my staff because usually when someone contacts you it’s when things are bad and not great! The Chauffeur Driven team was awesome and I had a wonderful time!” – Jennifer Paris of Paris Limousine in Oklahoma City, Okla.


“History making! Education, libations, laughs, connections, sleep deprivation, great meals, and friendships that will last a lifetime! Congrats and a special shout out to David Seelinger and his team for their help making the event such a success! The Charity Committee did an outstanding job as always, but clearly went above and beyond the call of duty. Congrats to the CD staff on putting on a world-class event!” – Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services Worldwide in East Hanover, N.J.

"Another great show indeed! Reconnecting, meeting, laughing and learning from one another - Very memorable! 'Til next year ... Miami here we come!" – Sentinel Limousine & Coach in East Providence, R.I.

“Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for a great show! As always, Chauffeur Driven did an awesome job.” – Jon Epstein of Royal Coachman Worldwide in Denville, N.J.

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