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The Dangers of Owner Dependency

If you’re a business owner, avoid the catastrophe of making your company depend solely on you. This session is designed to help leaders share power, plan for the future, and welcome healthy debate from their staff.

Presented by: Bruno Teixeira

It Could Be YOU! Developing a Proactive Crisis Management Strategy

Is your company prepared for when your team, place of business, or equipment are involved in a catastrophic incident? All employees and stakeholders must understand their roles and think quickly on their feet during a crisis or things may spiral out of control very quickly. Learn from insurance and public relations experts as well as an operator who has first-hand experience on how to prepare your company and staff for any potential crisis.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance, Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation, and David Harrison of EVINS Communications

Commit to Selling! Are You Growing Business in Your Own Backyard?

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands every month on marketing, one place the vast majority of operators big and small overlook is how to grow sales right now with what they have. Increase sales every week for a few hundred, instead of many thousands. You will walk away from this workshop with tangible strategies and actionable items from an operator who grew a company from $0 to $5M within five years.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

Embracing Dynamic & Advanced Dynamic Pricing Models for the 21st Century

How do the hotel, airline, and car rental industries decide on their ever-changing rates? Could this pricing model actually work for our industry? This will be a scintillating panel discussion about understanding the unique characteristics of demand for your company’s services, taking advantage of that knowledge to maximize profits, and duplicating some of the industry’s best pricing tactics.

Presented by: Sami Elotmani of Destination MCO, Tracy Raimer of Windy City Limousine & Bus, and Joe Tidwell of MGM Resorts
Moderated by: Andy Hernandez of CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Lead Smarter By Letting Go

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for an owner/operator to effectively focus on growth while juggling the many day-to-day responsibilities of a luxury ground transportation company. This session will equip you to be a more effective and efficient leader and give you tools to build a smarter and more-engaged team around you. By being deliberate about where you spend your time and energy, you can develop your team to be more engaged, entrusted, and accountable for the results your business needs today and in the future. Leading smarter by letting go requires you to know WHY you must let go, WHAT you must let go of, WHO you must let go to, and WHEN the right time to let go is. By the end of this session, you will have the answers to all four questions for your own business.

Presented by: Dean Ash, Co-Founder of 360 Consulting and Jolynda Ash, SVP of Human Resources for Gold’s Gym

Wage and Hour Laws
Patrick O'Brien
Daniel Crowley & Associates
Roberta Pike
Pike & Pike

This timely session tackles the tricky and critical topic of wage and hour laws, a relevant topic for any operator in our industry. Learn the basics that will safeguard you and your company from the most common errors small business owners experience. The speakers, both accomplished attorneys who are entrenched in chauffeured transportation, will also discuss the ins and outs of contractual negotiations. There will also be a limited Q&A session—which is essentially free legal advice. This is one you won’t want to miss!

2013 State of the Industry
David Seelinger
Empire CLS

As one of the industry’s most progressive-thinking and technologically savvy business leaders, Seelinger will inspire you as much as he will educate and challenge you to look at the industry through a different lens. Over the last 33 years, Seelinger has built EmpireCLS into one of the largest networks in the country, providing safe transportation in over 700 cities worldwide, thanks to a blend of excellent customer service, environmental efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.