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Are Your Employees Working for You? Aligning Performance Management with Strategic Vision
Kristen Carroll
The LMC Group
Eric Devlin
Premier Transportation

Have you ever felt like your employees were preventing you from achieving greater success? Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for people to make decisions in the workplace that seem to be so obvious? This workshop will explore performance management from the top down, and map the process for creating and aligning your company’s strategic vision with the performance expectations and communications set upon employees. Included in the content will be mission, vision, values, and goal planning, as well as an overview on how to maximize your team’s performance and to effectively handle issues that arise.

Securing, Preparing for & Executing Large Scale Events
Tim Crockett
AirComm Chauffeured Services
Barry Gross
A Goff Limousine & Bus
Eric Devlin
Premier Transportation

Whether you’re the largest player in the market or running a small fleet of sedans, there is enough business for everyone. Don’t miss out on the exceptional revenue opportunities generated by big events. Learn how to get into the game, make the most of your fleet, and secure important connections. The session will help you start planning well in advance of an event, as well as offer advice on logistics and flawless execution.