Chauffeur Driven Media Vault - 2019 CD Show Boston

State of the Industry

Motorcoaches, millennials, and automation … oh my! There are myriad topics on the minds of today’s operators, and this frank, no-holds-barred conversation with our all-star panel. Our seasoned panelists from the largest markets in the Northeast—Robert Alexander (D.C.), Brett Barenholtz (Boston), and Douglas Schwartz (New York)—will share their knowledge, wisdom, opinions and humorous anecdotes from their triumphs and missteps in the business.

Presented by: Robert Alexander (D.C.), Brett Barenholtz (Boston), and Douglas Schwartz (New York)
Moderated by: CD Publisher Chris Weiss

Center Stage Tech Panel

You probably spend a fair amount of time contemplating the latest in technology, including software to make your own company more efficient and reduce errors. It can be challenging to sift through all that our industry technology providers have to offer, so hear it from company reps themselves. Topics will include automation, apps, interconnectivity, data analytics, safety, and so much more. Further, panelists will share what they anticipate will be the future of the transportation industry as it relates to technology.

Presented by: Sean Arena of Limo Anywhere, David Hirsch of Livery Coach, Eddie McCoy of FASTTRAK, Derek Skawinski of Hudson Software, and Apurva Patel of GroundWidgets
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide

Live! Mock DOT Audit

Worried about what to expect with a surprise audit? We’ve got you covered: This all important session will help you get organized and prep your company and employees should you face an audit—and trust us, you will! Never be unprepared again.

Presented by: Richard Bates of the FMCSA

Using Technology to Drive Your Bottom Line

We will discuss areas of your business where technology investments can pay big dividends.

Presented by: Andy Norman of AddOns.LA

Great People Make Great Chauffeurs: The 3 C's to Building Your Dream Team

Finding quality chauffeurs is one of the biggest challenges in our industry. With employee turnover being a huge expense, you want to get it right the first time. In this session, you’ll learn proven techniques to distinguish who is right for the job so you can build the team you desire.

Presented by: Bruce Heinrich of PAX Training

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud & Chargebacks

Credit card fraud is on the rise. Last year consumers were taken for $1.48 billion. Don’t be a victim—stop credit card fraud before it occurs. At this session, you will learn to how to detect fraud while avoiding chargebacks and the so-called “friendly fraud.”

Presented by: Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments

Don’t Leave Money on the Table: Competing for Government Contracts

Did you know that the U.S. Government has set aside certain contracts for small businesses under a variety of programs? And guess what? The majority of chauffeured car companies in the United States are eligible under at least one. This session will provide an overview of government contract opportunities and explain how to compete for them successfully.

Presented by: Stephanie Carnes of The LMC Group

What Qualified Buyers Look for & Savvy Sellers Should Prepare for

Business consolidations are a natural part of any industry lifecycle. Whether due to market changes, outside disruption, regulatory shifts, or the desire to take time off and relax, acquisition activities in the transportation sector is on the rise. Find out what qualified buyers look for and what savvy sellers should prepare for as they start this delicate yet exciting process.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

What’s the Right Corporate Structure for You?

Are you protected legally and financially? This session probes the types of business ownership, the pros and cons of each, and what is best for you based on your number of employees and numerous other factors. This is a vital session, especially if you have shareholders or concerns about how you can protect your personal assets from legal challenges.

Presented by: Drew Morris of Nachmias Morris & Alt

Acing Compliance With DOT Recordkeeping and ELDs

Staying within the confines of all that the DOT expects can be a full-time job for operators running buses and coaches, and there’s plenty of minutiae to navigate with the federal rules and regulations. Guinn and Bowers will help walk you through some of the sticking points, as well as some of the new requirements coming down the pike.

Presented by: Jay Bowers of AJL International and Joe Guinn of Limo & Bus Compliance
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite