Chauffeur Driven Media Vault - 2020 CD/NLA Show Vegas

State of the Industry

Join us for a no-holds barred conversation with diverse and esteemed panel of operators, who will discuss some of the industry’s most pressing issues and topics, including price integrity, raising rates, company culture, finding and retaining talent, profitable revenue streams, big metal, industry consolidation, global opportunities, and more.

Presented by: Kathy Kahne of Windy City Bus & Limousine, Jason Kaplan of The Driver Provider, David Seelinger of EmpireCLS Worldwide, and Jason Taylor of Prestige Transportation
Moderated by: CD Publisher Chris Weiss

How to Make a Remote Workforce Work for You

Using remote employees is a trend that many startups are following, but how can it work for an established transportation business like yours? This session will explore the pros and cons of incorporating a remote workforce into your team, how other operators are doing it, what it takes to incorporate this model in your business, and what having remote workers is really all about.

Presented by: Andy Hernandez of CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation and Dave Uziel of UrbanBCN
Moderated by: Robyn Goldenberg of Strategy Leaders

Safety First: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Top Priority

Safety is more than just following state and federal regulations or keeping your facility up to code. This session will explore ways that you can create programs that can withstand scrutiny and help you win more business. From bulletproof hiring practices to encouraging seatbelt use, we’ll provide easy action items for every area of your operation to improve your safety and profitability.

Presented by: Barry Gross of The Driver Provider and Scott Woodruff of Majestic Limo & Coach
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide
Additional Content: provided by Chris Przybylski of Limo & Bus Compliance

Embracing Dynamic & Advanced Dynamic Pricing Models for the 21st Century

How do the hotel, airline, and car rental industries decide on their ever-changing rates? Could this pricing model actually work for our industry? This will be a scintillating panel discussion about understanding the unique characteristics of demand for your company’s services, taking advantage of that knowledge to maximize profits, and duplicating some of the industry’s best pricing tactics.

Presented by: Sami Elotmani of Destination MCO, Tracy Raimer of Windy City Limousine & Bus, and Joe Tidwell of MGM Resorts
Moderated by: Andy Hernandez of CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Commit to Selling! Are You Growing Business in Your Own Backyard?

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands every month on marketing, one place the vast majority of operators big and small overlook is how to grow sales right now with what they have. Increase sales every week for a few hundred, instead of many thousands. You will walk away from this workshop with tangible strategies and actionable items from an operator who grew a company from $0 to $5M within five years.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

Bus & Motorcoach Session: FMCSA Updates

Buses and other larger vehicles continue to be a strategic way to tap into different revenue streams, but they also come with heavy regulation. Danielle Smith of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will provide insights and the latest updates on policy and procedures on numerous topics that pertain to your business and the safe operation of those regulated vehicles.

Presented by: Danielle Smith of the FMCSA

International Session: Panel & Open Discussion

The reach of your operation may have traversed the globe, but doing business with worldwide partners isn’t without its challenges. Our panel of speakers from all corners of the map will address a variety of common operational and cultural differences as well as areas of opportunity for any operation regardless of their location and best practices that the industry can share.

Presented by: Mike Bell of Driven Worldwide, Colin Devine of Devine’s Worldwide Chauffeur Services, Aditya Loomba of ECO Limos India, and Patrick Pierron of EQSL Global

Finding the Right Balance of Profitability vs. Scale

Did you just land a huge client but now that means additional costs that you weren’t expecting? Revenue is only one metric of success, and often has little to do with profitability or cash in your pocket. Of course you want to grow, but doing so too rapidly comes with its own problems, while steady and controlled growth can be king. This session will explore how to properly scale your business, ensuring profitability at every step of the way.

Presented by: TJ Doyle of Gold Shield Transportation and Andi Gray of Strategy Leaders
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide

Roundtable Session: Finding and Creating Champion Chauffeurs

It’s an issue that practically every operator faces at some point: How can you hire and keep the best chauffeurs? This roundtable session will give you the chance to learn tips and tricks from fellow operators on attracting, employing, and retaining the right driving team for your company. Engage with your peers and share your own successes on the topic during this open discussion about all the key points of chauffeur management.

Moderated by: Douglas Schwartz of Executive Ground Transportation and Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide

It Could Be YOU! Developing a Proactive Crisis Management Strategy

Is your company prepared for when your team, place of business, or equipment are involved in a catastrophic incident? All employees and stakeholders must understand their roles and think quickly on their feet during a crisis or things may spiral out of control very quickly. Learn from insurance and public relations experts as well as an operator who has first-hand experience on how to prepare your company and staff for any potential crisis.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance, Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation, and David Harrison of EVINS Communications