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Limo U Session — The Secrets to Winning Large Corporate Accounts That The Big Guys Don’t Want You to Know About

Driven by Limo U Founder Bill Faeth, this session will help you to discover the secret to crushing your fears and finding the next big opportunity in corporate work. Faeth will draw on his experience from working with some of the largest operations in the industry as well as personally closing large accounts with companies such as Dollar General, Nissan, Delta, and Cracker Barrel.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University

The Dangers of Owner Dependency

If you’re a business owner, avoid the catastrophe of making your company depend solely on you. This session is designed to help leaders share power, plan for the future, and welcome healthy debate from their staff.

Presented by: Bruno Teixeira

Successful Leadership Starts at the Top, But Resonates Throughout

Are you ready to lead? Leadership is the foundation to the structure of any organization. Your company’s growth and success are directly correlated to your ability to provide direction, support, and management to various departments and employees. Learn from Las Vegas Metropolitan Deputy Police Chief Andrew Walsh how to communicate goals and expectations to everyone on the team and how effective leadership can trickle down and enhance every part of your business.

Presented by: Deputy Chief Andrew Walsh of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Commit to Selling! Are You Growing Business in Your Own Backyard?

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands every month on marketing, one place the vast majority of operators big and small overlook is how to grow sales right now with what they have. Increase sales every week for a few hundred, instead of many thousands. You will walk away from this workshop with tangible strategies and actionable items from an operator who grew a company from $0 to $5M within five years.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

Limo U Boot Camp (Parts 1 and 2)

These sessions—a combined four hours of in-depth, step-by-step training—are designed to take your business to the next level in 2020 … and beyond. Bill Faeth, Tami Saccoccio, and Kelly Alderete will discuss how to prepare, win, and profit from an affiliate business as well as ways to gain the best educational value on building an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University, Kelly Alderete of Premier Transportation of Dallas, and Tami Saccoccio of Commonwealth Worldwide

Creative Revenue Streams Right Under Your Nose

Increase revenue by doing more with what you already have, using your current infrastructure thoughtfully. We’ll touch on areas within your business that could be used in slow times to increase revenue. Examples include loss of use, short-term rentals, reallocation of fleet, paying local affiliates for their drivers, leasing drivers, using vehicles to transport things other than people (high-priority delivery items) and retail work for internal departments such as detailing or in-house mechanics.

Presented by: Alan Candeub of Park Avenue Limousine and Daniel Perez of DPV Transportation

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Adapting to Client Expectations & Global Industry Standards

This panel discussion will address the most pressing topics affecting those who not only conduct business globally but also have clients travelling internationally. Among the crucial topics discussed here will be finding opportunities and advantages with technology, enhancing the customer experience and making it seamless, and building your global network with the well-vetted partners who are right for you and your clients.

Presented by: Nadeem Ajaib of Icona Global, Colin Devine of Devine's Worldwide, Aditya Loomba of ECO Limos, and Ilpo Mäkinen of Limousine Service Ltd.


Everybody Sells: Seizing Opportunities To Build Your Revenue

They say that getting sales is like grabbing at low-hanging fruit. Well, that fruit is ripe and ready for picking. Geared with the small operator in mind, this informative workshop will show you how to maximize your profits and growth by snaring business that is within your reach. Join us to get an education on how to turn leads into money and get the most of the business available in your market. We’ll also give you a run down on services and resources that are available to a business on the move, and prepare you for hiring or increasing staff.

Presented by: Kim J. Garner of Best Transportation and Kimberly Vissak of Build a Team Consultants

Business Development: Thriving Through Growth

Most CEOs drive company sales, but every member of the team is a potential sales touchpoint for clients. Using these two successful models, speakers will share how to create a structure where everyone sells and how even traditional non-sales positions can be critical for the overall sales effort. It will also include how to create KPIs that focus on conversion rates, track sales and accountability, mentor your existing staff, and build an effective sales team.

Presented by: Dave Reinhart of TBR Global and Wayne Knaub of RSM Maintenance

Where Is Your Business Growing and How Are You Getting There?
Andi Gray
Strategy Leaders
Joe Ironi
Global Alliance Chauffeured Services

Ever feel like the business controls you? Want to gain control of the freight train? Learn how other owners have built businesses that are profitable through good times and bad. This session will explain how to transition from an entrepreneurial business—where you are always putting out fires—to a steadily growing business that is predictable and dependable. Learn practical takeaways about how to work toward the goal of building structured business that runs itself and stands on its own.

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